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You are not alone! Breastfeeding is natural, but it is also learned. As a lactation consultant I am passionate about guiding new parents through this beautiful process.

What can you expect? When meeting with me as your breastfeeding consultant, we will develop a unique plan specific to you and your baby’s needs. Whether you need assistance regarding breastfeeding help latching on, or are having other breastfeeding difficulties, my lactation consultant certification allows me to assess your baby’s feeding habits and your technique to provide you with tools and expert advice to empower you as a new mother. During a personalized evaluation, I will weigh your baby, observe a feeding, and perform an oral examination of your baby. Here you can feel free to discuss any questions or concerns. I do everything I can to create a safe space for new parents and their babies. It is important that you feel comfortable and open with your breastfeeding consultant, and as your breastfeeding consultant/lactation consultant, this is my priority.


Why is it helpful and other breastfeeding/lactation counseling facts

  • Breastfeeding can be stressful for both new mothers and seasoned mothers. Since every baby is different, each will take you on a new and exciting journey.
  • You can seek out a lactation consultant online or a lactation consultant near you even when you are expecting to help you prepare for the experience. You do not need to wait until you need breastfeeding help latching on or any other assistance as you encounter difficulties once you have had the baby.
  • A breastfeeding consultant near you can provide individualized services for you and your new family that address your specific needs. As your lactation consultant I can help you address milk supply, baby’s feeding position, a crying baby while feeding, breastfeeding help latching on, and more!
  • Breastfeeding support organizations can also be helpful along your journey as you build community with mothers and new parents who are working through the same obstacles.

How I can help you as your breastfeeding consultant:

If you have experienced or observed one or more of the following, you may benefit from my lactation consultant services:

    • Sore or damaged nipples, blisters, or painful latch
    • Infant has difficulty latching on or refuses to latch
    • Painful breastfeeding
    • Painful pumping
    • Unproductive pumping
    • Supplementing or “triple feeding”
    • Low or slow weight gain
    • Concerns about milk supply: Too much or too little
    • Engorgement
    • Plugged ducts
    • Nipple confusion, nipple shield, or problems with bottles
    • Questions about tongue tie
    • Refusing one side, or other unusual breastfeeding habits
    • Managing breastfeeding in your daily life (e.g. managing sleeping and breastfeeding)

What are Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs)?

  • What is a tongue-tie?
    • Tongue ties, also called Ankyloglossia, are a condition present in up to one-third of children at birth, and restrict the tongue’s range of motion. Tongue-ties occur when an unusually strong band of tissue tethers the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Tongue ties can interfere with a child’s ability to breastfeed, eat, swallow, and speak.
  • What is a lip tie?
    • Lip ties occur when the tissue connecting the upper lip to the gums is too tight, too thick, or both, potentially causing issues with lip mobility.
  • Does my baby have a tongue or lip tie?
    • If a child has a tongue tie or lip tie, it is present at birth and can often cause breastfeeding problems such as nipple pain or trouble latching on.
    • If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, I can perform an evaluation to assess your baby’s oral and feeding level of function to determine if there is suspicion of a tongue tie or lip tie.
  • What if my baby is diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie?
    • If your baby is diagnosed with a tongue tie or lip tie, you may choose to have your baby undergo a procedure commonly referred to as a tongue or lip tie release, or Frenulectomy, to have the tethered tissue clipped.
    • As both a lactation counselor and certified Speech-Language Pathologist, I provide unique, specialized services to support you through the entire process. I provide intervention and support before AND after a tongue tie release or lip tie release
    • Contact me for an assessment to help you decide whether or not this procedure is right for your baby!

Before Tongue Tie Release or Lip Tie Release:

  • How I can help before a tongue tie release
    • As both a lactation consultant/lactation counselor and certified Speech-Language Pathologist, my services are unique and specialized.
      • My process:
        • I will perform an oral mechanism examination to assess the motor functions of the oral structures your baby uses. I examine how your child’s mouth can move and everything their mouth can achieve as it relates to breastfeeding and future communication.

After Tongue Tie Release or Lip Tie Release:

  • What to expect after tongue tie release or lip tie release and how I can help:
    • All babies react differently and have a unique recovery journey. It is impossible to know exactly what to expect after tongue tie release, but I can help you be as prepared as possible for what to expect after tongue tie release, so that you and your baby can adapt to these changes and re-establish a loving, nurturing routine to foster healthy development.
    • While some baby’s breastfeeding problems resolve after the procedure, others require further intervention. For example:
      • Baby may not nurse normally immediately due to developed compensatory behaviors
      • Baby is fussy at the breast, baby is fussy while nursing, or confused, fatigued, and irritable during mealtime
      • Baby may experience achy, stiff muscles, or feel discomfort after feeds
    • After the procedure I will perform another assessment to determine your baby’s needs and implement an intervention plan to address any of the issues he or she may be experiencing, including but not limited to the difficulties listed above, after the tongue tie release or lip tie release.
    • I work with babies and families using a variety of exercises and intervention strategies such as oral motor stretching and exercises to increase their range of motion.
    • To learn more about how I can help you before or after your baby undergoes a tongue or lip tie release, or Frenulectomy/Lingual frenectomy near you, please contact me.

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